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Universal Menu

Submitted by Beth on February 29, 2008 - 4:14pm.

Language is powerful. The words you speak have creative power. If there was a Universal Menu, anything that comes after the word 'I' in a sentence could be thought of as placing your order from the unlimited possibilities available.

If you find a repeating phrase in your life such as 'I never have enough time''re putting in the creative order to experience a lack of time.

Pay attention to the language and statements you make aloud. When you catch yourself ordering something you don't want, I invite you to declare 'etch-a-sketch', shake your head to wipe it out and update your order by changing the statement. 'I experience time as fluid and have all I desire.'

Words like want and need, place your order down the road for future delivery. Keep it current with I have and I am.

What have you been ordering lately? What would you like to order?

Rediscover Wonderment

Submitted by Beth on February 23, 2008 - 11:23am.

Children look for magic in the world... and it shows up for them. Why? Because they are not conditioned to disbelieve. 

When was the last time you felt the wonder of the magical world we live in? Take your mind out of your routine and look for the magic. Start to notice the synchronicities in your daily life that you often discount.

I invite you to keep a synchronicity journal. Those moments that seem magical when in reality, you've just connected to the field. A thought of a friend just as the phone rings and it's that friend, the perfect parking space on a busy street, the divine timing of getting stuck in traffic but arriving to find your right on time for the meeting due to some administrative delay.  

As you pay attention and set your intention to experience the wonder, you'll be amazed at all the random connections that serve to remind you it's a magical universe and that anything is possible.