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Meeting a Parallel Self

Submitted by Beth on March 20, 2008 - 12:36pm.

Parallel Universes

While out of body in one of my classes' years ago, I had the chance to meet and talk with a parallel self. It was actually quite fascinating. This was an alternative me who continued on with her MBA (instead of getting married two months after graduation) and pursued the big corporate career. I met her on a street corner in NYC. She was a top executive with the pay and perks to match. She had fought through the ranks to make it in the good old boy network of cut throat business and carried a sense of pride in her step.
However, upon further conversation, I also learned it was lonely at the top. She worked over 60 hours per week and had no social life - it was exchanged for a paycheck and the prestige of her job title. There were no close friends, no fun evenings out, no dates, and no vacations. Her happy memories were of the announcements of a new title, a new business coup, a new salary, or the upgrade to the latest exclusive corporate perk. She was content with her life and aware of the trade offs she had chosen to get there. I thanked her for taking that road and sharing her experience with me. I was grateful it was not my current path. It put an end to any questions I may have had about what might have been.  

I believe every decision we make spins out an alternative universe to reflect the choice not taken. Every time we go right, another parallel spins out to the left.   

New Scientist - Sept. 2007 announced "Parallel universes make quantum sense". The article states YOU are just one version of many.

For further explorations of alternative selves, read ONE by Richard Bach.


Glass Eye Vision

Submitted by Beth on February 21, 2008 - 11:50am.

Glass eye vision

Richard pulled me up on stage at my first workshop by announcing he needed a toe. During his demonstration in front of the audience while playing with my toes, which included my legs swinging and my falling over backward on the table repeatedly, he spontanteausly reached up and pulled out an eye. It was a perfect example of playing with what shows up in that matter how illogical.

Here's where it makes sense. I have a sister who is 18 months older and very connected energetically to me who lives in northern Minnesota. What he didn’t know at that time is that my sister has a glass eye. I called her the day after the workshop to share the excitement of Matrix Energetics and asked her about her eye as she had recently had it replaced. I almost fell on the floor when I heard her reply. ‘It’s the strangest thing…I have vision…not retinal but weird vision and I’ve got depth perception.’ To this day my sister now sees stairs instead of ramps…Thank you Richard!


The Handprint

Submitted by Beth on February 21, 2008 - 11:38am.

Upon completion of my first ME workshop, I stayed in LA for a few days visiting my cousin Harley who was going through a divorce. She had bought a new bed set and while showing it to me, I asked how she was sleeping. When she replied ‘not well’, my thought was it’s not a physical body but it is an energetic pattern, let’s play. So I placed my left hand on the footboard and found my second point in the air above the bed to collapse the wave. In the quantum ‘soup’ I saw waterfalls of words (she is a writer), I gave her a security blanket, peace of mind with the transition, reconnection with joy, etc. Basically playing with what showed up. Then Harley walked around the bed towards me and got caught up in the field and started to fall to the floor. I pulled my hand off the bed to catch her and we finished the play session on the floor.

About an hour later as I washed my face I realized the palm of my left hand was brown. I scrubbed it hard but could not get it off. I showed it to my cousin to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and went to bed a bit puzzled. The next morning I just had to check her bed and discovered I had left a handprint in the wood. The surface was smooth but the stain was gone.

This is the photo that blew Richard’s mind…