Universal Menu

Submitted by Beth on February 29, 2008 - 4:14pm.

Language is powerful. The words you speak have creative power. If there was a Universal Menu, anything that comes after the word 'I' in a sentence could be thought of as placing your order from the unlimited possibilities available.

If you find a repeating phrase in your life such as 'I never have enough time'....you're putting in the creative order to experience a lack of time.

Pay attention to the language and statements you make aloud. When you catch yourself ordering something you don't want, I invite you to declare 'etch-a-sketch', shake your head to wipe it out and update your order by changing the statement. 'I experience time as fluid and have all I desire.'

Words like want and need, place your order down the road for future delivery. Keep it current with I have and I am.

What have you been ordering lately? What would you like to order?