Kayla Morelli

My favorite web designer graphic artist.....Kayla Morelli

If you've ever created a website, you probably know it can be quite a challenge on many fronts. Which domain, where to host, which platform, what features, maintenance, etc. That's all left brain stuff and most logical minds can muddle through the options.

It's the right brain creativity that adds the emotion and energy to a website. To capture the essence of the message in the overall feel and look of a site as well as invite users to explore it further is a gift. Kayla has the gift and I stand in awe of it.

This beautiful website was created after one design meeting over Chai and Hot Cocoa. The coffee shopped closed earlier than we expected so our meeting was less than an hour. Our conversation was brainstorming with few guidelines. Kayla left with a paper covered in scribbles and a few rules; no boxes, nothing square looking, focus on the playfulness and PRESTO. My site was born.

I cried the first time I saw it...she thought it was just the first draft when in reality I didn't change a single thing. It's the site you see. She captured the essence on the first round. It was beyond my expectation. Knowing the first reaction of friends was a smile...I knew we captured the fun transformation can be.  

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