The Starsmith

The StarSmith - Deb Smith
Deb Smith was living in Iowa in the late 80's and called my store in Appleton to introduce herself and her services. Her first workshop at the store was working with crystal elixirs and quickly snowballed to return engagements that included Brain Gym and Edu-K workshops.

Deb became a great friend and key person on my personal support team. She was the first person I met who had conscious access to the Universe. She's an amazing pet psychic and astrologer. I call her when the planets seem wacky and she always knows why. She's my go-to-person for information on any deity as her knowledge of all religions is amazing in its depth.

Her Edu-K (educational kinesiology) balancing has supported me in my path for 20 years now. Uncovering old beliefs held in the body and replacing them via balancing has re-written my subconscious programming, which is the default program running when I'm not paying attention that creates my reality. She also kept me mobile when the old bad back pattern was running. I have a new spine thanks to Matrix Energetics and Deb has been relieved of that duty. Go see her to rewrite your programming codes.

She's an amazing artist expressing in pottery, jewelry, and painting her energy, wisdom and divine nature. Don't be surprised if a piece of her art screams at you to be taken home. Her unique gift infuses energy into each piece that resonates with the buyer. You'll know if a piece it's yours. Contact Deb and discover this universal mother love in a body for yourself.

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