Teleclass Archive

The following classes were presented in 2008.

You can request a repeat of any class listed. Classes will be added to the schedule based on demand.

Previous CLASSES

Quantum Playground 101:
An introduction to viewing our reality from the quantum level. What is the new science showing us? What does it mean in our daily lives? Are science and spirit finally coming together? Does what we were taught as scientific truths still hold validity in the new quantum physics? Come explore what it all means and peek at what Einstein called...that spooky stuff.
Manifesting from the QP
We are living in a participatory reality. How does our new understanding of the quantum science change how we create our reality? How do we create our dreams? How do we interact with this creative medium? Why do some things manifest easily while others never show up? What is the fuel? Do we block our own good? Come explore how to shift or enhance your connection to the creative force within you.
Reawaken the Magic 
Do you live in a magical world? Do you remember believing in magic as a kid? When did magic become a illusion? Where did you get your concept of magic from? Let's explore the ideas and beliefs we hold around magic. Come explore and reawaken the sense of magic in your world.  
The Mind and Beliefs
Evolutionary leaps in Biology and brain neurology have shown we are not limited by what science has taught us about our physical bodies. Are we locked into our genetics? Do our beliefs affect our physical body? Can we regenerate brain cells? Do we grow new neural pathways? How do our beliefs interact with our bodies? Come explore a new way of viewing your physical expression and discover the programming codes to go beyond old limiting beliefs.
Activate the Imagination
Imagination builds the pathways to access possibilities. What we can imagine, we can manifest. To a 5 year old, anything is possible. What changed in us? How does our logical mind limit our imagination? Where did the child's enthusiasm go? Why did we stop dreaming? Come explore ways to tap into the child's imagination and reawaken the powerful force within.
Playing in the Morphic Fields
Awareness of a Morphic field allows you choice of interaction. What are Morphic fields? How do they affect us? How do we connect or disconnect from them? How does our language connect us to them? Come explore the power available to tap unknown knowledge and break out of limiting group consciousness. 

2009 Teleclasses

January 27th  Tapping your psychic abilities
We know the field contains everything that is, was or will be. Since we are of the field, we have access to everything within it. How do we tap into it? How do we learn to trust what shows up? Where do expectations get in the way? What do we do with the information we receive? Does it expand us or limit us? Come explore and expand your connection to the field.

February 10th  Relationships...Harmonics or Entanglement
Relationships teach us about ourselves. We play out our deepest beliefs and fears within the commingling of our personal space. Who am I? Who are they? Who are We? Who am I inside the We? Why does the honeymoon phase wax and wane? Let's explore and learn some new steps for this dance we call relationships.
February 24  The Game of Life and How to Play it
If we view our reality as a game the soul plays we can detach from the illusions of limitation and become aware of our operating systems within the game. Are you playing in auto pilot mode? Are you playing out yesterday's play book? Do you know the rules? How big is your playing field? Have you reviewed the instructions lately? Learn how to take manual control with conscious awareness.
March 10 - Where does God fit in?
What is your current understanding of God? Is God the field? How do we fit religious teachings of God into our quantum understanding? Did we throw God out when we rejected religious dogma? Let?s explore the concept and terminology of God.
March 24 - Telling Stories?
Are you defining yourself by the stories you tell? Are you repeating the same story over and over? Does your story empower you? Is your story creating your future experiences? When is a story useful? Are you ready to create a new story? Let?s take a look at where stories take creative control in the Law of Attraction.
April 14 - How do you know if your moving forward?
What can you measure in consciousness? Are there markers along your path? What outcomes define our movement? Do you look to others to confirm who you are and where you?re going? Let?s play with the idea of forward movement in non-linear time reality.
April 28 - Understanding the Law of Attraction...
We know we exist in a reality driven and created by our thoughts. But why does it work ...sometimes? How can I get to where I want to go? What are the rules of manifestation? What is a vibrational reality? Can it be that easy? Join me for a discussion of the Law of Attraction and fine tune your understanding and usage of it.