The Handprint

Submitted by Beth on February 21, 2008 - 11:38am.

Upon completion of my first ME workshop, I stayed in LA for a few days visiting my cousin Harley who was going through a divorce. She had bought a new bed set and while showing it to me, I asked how she was sleeping. When she replied ‘not well’, my thought was it’s not a physical body but it is an energetic pattern, let’s play. So I placed my left hand on the footboard and found my second point in the air above the bed to collapse the wave. In the quantum ‘soup’ I saw waterfalls of words (she is a writer), I gave her a security blanket, peace of mind with the transition, reconnection with joy, etc. Basically playing with what showed up. Then Harley walked around the bed towards me and got caught up in the field and started to fall to the floor. I pulled my hand off the bed to catch her and we finished the play session on the floor.

About an hour later as I washed my face I realized the palm of my left hand was brown. I scrubbed it hard but could not get it off. I showed it to my cousin to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and went to bed a bit puzzled. The next morning I just had to check her bed and discovered I had left a handprint in the wood. The surface was smooth but the stain was gone.

This is the photo that blew Richard’s mind…