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Quantum Playground Sessions

In Person in Boulder, CO or via the phone.

Sessions are available:
2012 RATES
In person: $45/30 minutes (minimum time)  
Via Phone/Remote: $20/15 minutes (minimum time)
Schedule as much time as you'd like.   

Playground hours: Time can be created to fit your schedule.
Evening and weekend sessions possible.
Scheduling and Payment info..

As I spend more time in the quantum soup with clients, the sessions have morphed into a new and ever evolving space of consciousness. When we access the soup of all possibilities, Grace brings in and incorporates any and all of the following ingredients. Each session is come and play in the field of magical transformation.

Matrix Energetics - Shifting to a New Reality

Combining science, subtle energy and quantum physics with intent and playful imagination, this awareness/technique allows us to collapsing the quantum wave of expression allowing us to engage in a new set of probability outcomes, potentially changing the manifestation of your conditions and challenges.
If you've taken a Matrix workshop, schedule a phone session to awaken your 5 year old's imagination.,,. 
Certified Practitioner - Matrix Energetics Website 

Get out of the Box - Breaking the old Mind Set

Learn where your intention and focus is in conflict with the life you'd like to create. What are the limiting belief and thought patterns that are creating your reality? Are you creating your life by intention or default?

Possibilities Visioning - Open yourself to Dream Big
Stuck in the group consciousness of what's possible for you? Can't identify your passion? Do you have a secret dream? By taking the aerial view of the Condor(big a## bird in Peru), possibilities not seen by the mouse on the ground are visible. Get above your mind set and open your mind to new avenues to express your passion.

Spiritual Empowerment - Embrace the Connection
Find your connection to the spiritual aspect of you that exists in the oneness. Need a reminder that you are a powerful, spiritual, infinite being? Want to open your intuition and trust it? Start living your life from the inner strength of the soul.

Universal Readings - Info from the Universe
Sometimes we just can't contain our curiosity and feel the need to understand a person, pattern, or situation in our lives. All information is in the Quantum Playground and can be accessed with selective focused intent.

Speaking and Demos - group sessions - choose your topic
Group dynamics are a powerful way to generate a Morphic field to support new learning. Contact me with your group details.

A subtle shift in the way we see ourselves is all that's needed for a change to be mirrored in our reality. It's all about how we see ourselves in the field of possibilities. Let me support you to opening your eyes to the magical delight of consciously creating your passionate life!

NOTE: I do not heal or fix anyone or anything. Those terms imply a duality and in the quantum there is only one. I can bring you to the doorway of transformation and drop you in the quantum soup of possibilities. I can support you in shifting your consciousness allowing your awareness and intent to work together to draw your highest possible expression from the soup of all possible expressions.

Contact me to set up a play session.....