Weird Science

It is our ability to play in the quantum field with intention and creative imagination that empowers us to transform ourselves and our lives.

However, we must shift our current thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and reality, and get outside the box of linear thought to facilitate transformation. Here's a few things to hopefully shake up the old mind set.

Experiments in quantum physics suggest/show:

  • The universe is made of waves and particles of information and light. (Including us)
  • On the tiniest scales of our world, the particle level, everything appears to be connected and infinite. We are not separate from one another or limited in our existence.
  • Our observation affects the properties of matter. By focusing our awareness on it, matter changes its properties, as we look at it. The very act of observation is an act of creation, and that consciousness is doing the creating. Consciousness brings matter into being from energy. If we are awake... we are creating
  • Particles show movement outside of time and space.
  • At the quantum level matter exists as probabilities. All possibilities are present until we choose one to express. It is a participatory Universe. If we're not choosing consciously, our unconscious patterns are choosing for us by default.

We are quantum beings. We are particle and wave formation. All actions of a quantum particle are demonstrate-able in the physical world and actions beyond by the addition of conscious focus and intent.

Now that we know we exist in a quantum reality, let's play in the field and shift to the reality of full self expression.

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